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Cable Trays

Adarsh Udyog manufactures many type of Cable trays which match with your needs on time . Our cable trays are made out of M.S. Steel , Stainless Steel , Aluminium and finishes in different colours & coatings as per customer’s Design & Requirement . Some of our cable tray features are:

  1. Our Cable Trays are easy to install & instant approach for repairs & Replacement.
  2. It can be fixed anywhere whether it is Wooden Plank or Steel angles in any runnning length.
  3. Our slot pattern of cable tray ensures a regular Airflow which cooling the cable naturally.
  4. Cable trays are free from corrosion, seepage & destruction raising from under ground laying.
  5. Eliminates the time consuming operations of marking & drilling operations.

Types of cable tray

  1. Perforated cable tray
  2. Ladder cable tray
  3. Raceway
  4. Indoor cable tray( For telecom Industries )


We manufactures cable trays in following finish:

Made out of M.S.Sheet

  • Painted in enamel paints of various colours
  • Powder coated duly seven tank process
  • Hot dip Galvanised as per IS Standards

Made out of Aluminium

  • Self colour
  • Powder coated

Made in Stainless Steel

  • Self colour
  • Matt Finish
  • Glossy finish

Dimensions of Cable Trays:

We manufactures perforated cable tray in width of 50 mm to 1000 mm & sidewalls of 20mm to 100mm & In Ladder cable tray width from 100mm to 1800mm & sidewalls from 40mm to 150mm in thickness from 1.60mm to 3.00 mm. All cable trays are in standard length of 2500mm but can be manufactured in smaller & longer size also

Perforated Cable Trays Perforated Cable Trays Perforated with Cover Bend for Perforated Tray
Ladder Cable Tray Ladder Type Cable Tray Bend for Ladder Type
Bolted Rung Cable Tray Bolted Rung Cable Tray Bends for Rung Type
Raceways & Junction Boxes Raceways, Floor Trunking Raceways Accessories Junction box
Perforated Cable Trays

Raw Material: Mild Steel IS 1079, Pre-Galvainised Sheet
Width: 50mm – 900mm

Ladder Cable Trays

Types: Ladder Type Cable Tray (Welded)
Strength: Light, Medium &

Raceways Junction Boxes

Raw Material : Mild Steel IS 1079, Pre-Galvainised Sheet
Width: 75mm – 600mm